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Meet Dr. Angela Buzzetta

Right out of high school, Dr. Buzzetta got into a car accident and saw a chiropractor. She realized that she wanted to be able to help people with their pain just as she was helped.

The Appeal of Chiropractic

Dr. Buzzetta is passionate about helping people who are in pain be able to function better. “I love when a patient gets off the table and says, ‘Oh I feel so much better.’ It’s very rewarding to be able to help somebody that quickly.” Patients have come to me in severe pain with limited ability to move after they have been in a car accident. After just a few weeks of treatment, we are able to substantially reduce their pain, increase their mobility and work to ease them back to normal daily living.

It’s great to see that they’re progressing, getting better, and can do things that they couldn’t do even before the accident. That’s very rewarding for me.”


An Evidenced-based Education

Earning her Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport’s College of Chiropractic, Dr. Buzzetta enjoyed working with clinicians who focused on research. “I appreciate that now because when people come in with problems, I know that research allows me to identify treatments that are documented to have demonstrated and proven results with healing specific conditions.” Dr. Buzzetta thinks it’s critical to be up to date on all of the science and research available when determining how to properly care for her patients.

Care for Pregnant Women

Dr. Buzzetta finds it rewarding working with expecting mothers and growing families during the many stages of gestation, pregnancy and fetal growth.

Dr. Buzzetta is Webster Technique Certified and specializes in prenatal care and pediatrics. The technique is based on keeping the pelvis in alignment for pregnant women and babies that have potential difficulty flipping over or getting into proper birthing position.

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