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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Angela Buzzetta

Dr. Buzzetta is passionate about helping people who are in pain be able to function better. “I love when a patient gets off the table and says, ‘Oh I feel so much better.’ It’s very rewarding to be able to help somebody that quickly.” Patients have come to me in severe pain with limited ability to move after they have been in a car accident. After just a few weeks of treatment, we are able to substantially reduce their pain, increase their mobility and work to ease them back to normal daily living.

“It’s great to see that they’re progressing, getting better, and can do things that they couldn’t do even before the accident. That’s very rewarding for me.”

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Dr. Brenna Normandin

By providing hands-on care to her patients, Dr. Brenna enjoys helping people and seeing the results of treatment. “I love seeing the full picture; the difference chiropractic makes in a patient’s life, start to finish.”

Dr. Brenna sees a lot of patients with low back pain and headaches. “Headaches are my favorite ailment to treat because most patients experience such immediate results.” She also loves to treat children, “because they get better so quickly!”

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